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Long Distance Movers in Houston

Searching for the best long-distance movers in Houston is not an easy task. In many cases, the business name can be very deceiving. Not every company with words like “Moving & Storage” or “Van Lines” is an actual moving company in Houston or even a moving company in general. Some of these companies are brokers that post moves for existing moving carriers to service.

At Great Heights Relocation, we are here to help you understand what types of movers and moves there are in Houston. You can also learn about the factors that might affect the moving estimate you receive. This guide will assure you that moving companies are the best in the business and that you should hire them for your needs. That way, you aren’t going to have the headaches associated with moving yourself.

To receive an accurate and true Binding-not-to-exceed cost estimate from cross country movers in Houston, A professional mover must complete an in-home or video walkthrough. By law, it also must be offered by long-distance moving companies in Houston that are within a 50-mile radius from your residence. Doing business with Houston movers can make it a stress-less moving process.

If you move from Houston to California, hiring cross-country movers in Houston will probably be a better decision than dealing with a moving broker based out of Florida. Long-distance moving companies provide you the exact details and the entire process of your move. They also make sure to go over any potential charges, which eliminates the element of surprise.

Hire a Moving Company in Houston

hire long distance movers in houston

You know what’s in your home, so you might feel that you’re the most qualified to handle them. DIY moving is a top choice among homeowners, but it might not be ideal. Why hire a moving company in Houston over the alternative of doing it yourself?

For one thing, you can save yourself the hassle of doing the heavy lifting when moving day comes along. Hiring long-distance movers in Houston is one of the top reasons that people hire top professionals. Ultimately, when you hire professional movers, you don’t have to pick up all those bulky items, like washing machines, couches, bed frames, safes, or a piano.

The moving company pros in Houston are good at what they do. This means they can load and unload the moving trucks correctly. Plus, they’re going to get all the furniture out of your home without scratching up the floors or damaging the walls. Whether you’re moving out of an apartment or house, this could end up costing you more. You may have to fix the damages you create while driving, which cuts into your budget.

reliable moving company in houstonWhen you choose a reliable moving company in Houston, it will most likely benefit from a smooth and affordable service. Local movers can handle the Relocation effortlessly. In a sense, your move is carried out efficiently and effectively. We make sure that everything is organized so that your action is streamlined and there are fewer headaches.

You’re also going to find that hiring a moving company in Houston frees up more time for you. Ultimately, you’ve got a ton of to-do items on your list. Having a moving checklist is a good idea. With it, you’re going to remember to stop the mail and have it forwarded, turn off the utilities and get them moved to the new location, and all the rest.

Plus, since you’re not picking up all the heavy items, you save energy. You don’t have to fall into bed each night, exhausted from moving and packing all day. You likely work during the day, and you want to relax at night. When you work with the professionals in Texas, they do most of it for you. That way, you can be well-rested for your job and other responsibilities.

Types of Moves Available within the U.S.

In most cases, moving companies in Houston specialize in either local or long-distance moving. It’s a way for them to tell you what they can do and what they can’t. However, some moving companies do provide both long-distance moving services and local options. Still, Authorities might not license others to operate on a local level. Sometimes, moving companies cannot cross state lines if they do not have a Motor Carrier Number.

Since moving types can be confusing to know which one you need, we’re going to explain both of these move types. You’re going to learn what they entail and the differences associated with an interstate move and a long-distance move.

Local Moving With Local Movers Houston

hire local moving company houston

If the move from your current location is less than approximately 50 miles away and within the same state, it’s called a local move. In general, local moves are less expensive than having long-distance moves. Often, the cost of your local move is just based on how many hours it’s going to take to complete the move. However, the price also focuses on how many movers are needed to relocate your belongings. You can also choose additional services from Houston movers. These can include partial or complete packing services as well as extra stops and storage.

Make sure that you only hire local movers in Houston that are licensed and insured. Most reputable local movers specialize in one city or area. They can move you efficiently and effectively. You should only use a moving company with excellent evaluations from residents, the proper credentials, and a competitive hourly rate. If they meet all of those criteria, they could be the best moving companies in the area.

Long Distance Moving Companies Houston

A long-distance move is considered one that’s over 50 miles away from your location. This applies even if you are moving to another city in the same state. For example, if you move from Houston to Dallas (both in Texas), it is still a long-distance move.

However, a long-distance move in the same state is often called an ‘intrastate move’ by most professional moving companies in Houston.

If you are moving to a different state, such as Texas to California, this is also a long-distance move. However, this long-distance move type means crossing state lines, called an ‘interstate move.’ When you want to hire a moving company, make sure that they are registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation for interstate moving and licensed by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicle for local, statewide moving. A legitimate moving company must have these licenses to service your move.

Cross Country Movers Houston

Those who are moving across state lines or have a move that involves driving outside of the current state must hire insured and licensed interstate movers. Remember that all long-distance moving companies aren’t interstate movers. To ensure that the mover is fully licensed to operate outside your current state, you might want to get more information about a particular moving company; you can insert the mover’s name, US DOT number, or MC number.

Types of Long Distance Moving Companies

types of moving companies houston

You may not believe this, but there is more than a single type of long-distance moving company in Houston to hire when you’re relocating to a city or state. It’s important to know what moving options you have for out-of-state moving companies. These include self-service moving companies, specialized moving companies, and full-service moving companies.

Full-service Moving Company

A full-service moving company in Houston is often the most expensive option. These professionals can do everything from loading and unloading their truck, disassembling & reassembling your furniture, packing up your belongings, and transporting the items to their new destination. They also offer short- and long-term storage solutions.

full service movers houston

Self-service Moving Company

Most people want affordable moving companies in Houston that are less expensive than the still-popular full-service moving companies. They’re excellent for customers who don’t mind doing a bit of the work themselves. Typically, self-service movers deliver the container or truck to your door. They can also handle the transportation of all your belongings. However, the rest of the movie is up to you, including loading and unloading the items to/from the truck, buying protective pads and blankets for your furniture, and the liability for damages is on you. Ultimately, self-service moving companies can consist of freight trailer companies and moving container companies.

Specialized Moving Company

Are you moving a hot tub or large piano? What about some valuable antiques? If that sounds like something you might require, you could hire a moving company in Houston with that specialty. Specialized moving companies are fully trained on how to move pianos, art, hot tub appliances, antiques, and various other specialty items.

You might also find movers near me that specialize in long-distance or international moves, as well as local ones. Most moving companies in Houston offer moving help with long-distance moving services and local moving services.

Interstate Movers vs. Long Distance Movers

The most crucial difference to consider between an interstate move and a long-distance move is whether the move has to cross state lines or not. A move that happens within the same state but over 50 miles away is a long-distance move, but it isn’t an interstate move. The three primary differences you should consider when you compare these two move types:

Geographic Differences

You should be aware that some long-distance moving companies in Houston can’t move your household belongings across the state line. For example, a moving company in Florida might only be licensed to operate and work in Florida. Therefore, they might be capable of finishing long-distance intrastate moves (such as from Jacksonville to Miami), but they can’t carry out those long-distance interstate moves. That means that if you choose to move to a different state, you will have to hire interstate movers that are registered and properly licensed through the U.S. Department of Transportation. Such interstate movers are subject to the regulations and rules of the FMCSA.

Tariff and Costs Differences

moving costs houston

The cost of a long-distance intrastate move or long-distance interstate move is often based on various factors and depends solely on the moving company. When you’re moving across state lines, the cost is generally based on the mileage, weight of the shipment, labor costs, and any other services you may want. Typically, interstate movers in Houston base moving quotes on your belongings and their estimated weight. If you have a binding moving contract, you’re going to pay just what you’re quoted (which means nothing less or more). However, if you have a non-binding moving contract, you only get a general idea of what the shipment will cost. The actual price you pay could change based on the actual weight of all your belongings.

On the other hand, a non-binding contract with a guaranteed-not-to-exceed stipulation ensures that the final moving cost isn’t going to exceed that estimated price, even if the actual weight of your belongings is much more than initially thought.

Long-distance intrastate moving companies in Houston tend to base their moving costs on different things. For example, they could charge you a flat-dollar fee for every hour. This often includes fuel costs and various other moving services you choose to use. However, an hourly-rate move does vary from state to state and by each moving company. For example, some states with a customer that moves over 50 miles away are charged based on the shipment’s weight, such as an interstate move instead of the hourly rate. Make sure that you ask the moving company for a total cost breakdown. That way, you have a good idea of what it charges customers for that particular move type. That is the best way to ensure that you know what you’re going to pay and how the company works.

Logistical Differences

In most cases, it takes longer for the shipment to get to its new location when you choose an interstate move. Often, out-of-state moving companies and cross-country movers in Texas have to make many stops along the way. That way, they pick up all of your belongings and drop them off at the new location. Typically, one truck and run isn’t enough to get everything out of the current house and into the new one.

Therefore, mileage will also be more because it takes longer to drive the truck to the new destination. Those who have to move across more than one state line might have to wait two weeks to get all their belongings. However, for a long-distance intrastate move, things don’t usually take that long. For one thing, you aren’t moving as far. Therefore, that moving company can deliver the belongings to you in the same week and sometimes on the same day.

Ultimately, it just depends on how far away you’re moving. You want to work with the same company in Dallas to ensure continuity. However, it should have competitive prices and be fair with how it charges you. In most cases, logistics are the hardest thing to figure out, but when you hire the best moving company, the team ensures that it’s all worked out for you.

Six Factors That Could affect Your Moving Company Quotes

It is essential to understand the costs associated with your long-distance moving company in Houston. Six factors could change how much you pay. Before we dive into them, you should know why you need to focus on this part of the guide.

6 cost factor moving

For one, you need to ensure that you’re spending as little as possible. Competitive rates are essential, but they’re not the only factor you’ve got to consider. The price you pay must also come with a value. Your move is different from anyone else’s. You may want full-service features, such as packing. This ultimately costs more, but it saves you from having to do the work. Others might prefer the basics, such as transport and the truck. They do the rest because they don’t mind and have the time. Regardless, these six factors might affect the quotes you get and the price you pay:

The Weight/C.F. of The Household Belongings

The consensus for moving companies in Houston is that it will get more expensive when you move more things. There are many reasons for this. For example, it is likely to take longer to get everything onto the truck and get it unloaded at the new location. You may also require a giant truck to make it all fit inside. This also indicates that the vehicle will be heavier, which means it takes more fuel to drive it where it needs to go. With that said, the truck may need to go slower, so it takes longer to arrive at your destination.

The Distance From Point A to Point Z

The mileage from point A to point Z on the run affects the price for your full-service move. You will pay for the gas you use on the trip. However, you must also pay your driver for their time on the road. Therefore, you can expect it to be more expensive the farther they have to go. In general, fuel and mileage are calculated by the relocation coordinator. From there, any fill-ups are paid for by the moving company.

Labor Costs

The labor costs you pay will vary based on the state you live in and the moving company you choose. In general, local moves require you to pay the movers using an hourly rate. They’re often simpler to complete and might be done in a day or two. However, interstate moves add the estimated labor costs into the moving quote. Make sure this is included so that you aren’t stuck with hidden fees later. In most cases, the moving company in Houston adds it. Ask for an itemized list of the costs for the move or request that they tell you what each item is before you sign a contract.

Packing Costs

If you hire full-service movers in Houston, they can help you pack and unpack the belongings. This is part of a white glove moving service, but they also charge more for it. Typically, Moving companies can only determine the price for packing and packing materials once a moving estimator visits your home. Moving companies also include the extra fees associated with reassembling and disassembling furniture within the moving estimate. You don’t have to use these additional services if you don’t wish to do so. Just be aware that a full-service company automatically assumes that you require it because you’re using it instead of a self-service mover. In some cases, you aren’t allowed to downgrade the services provided, but you can add extra ones. Those who don’t need the mover to handle packing and unpacking might want to think about that when hiring a professional.

Valuation and Liability Coverage

The Houston movers you hire must provide you with two different valuation coverage choices: released value protection and complete value protection. It’s more comprehensive with full value protection, and many moving companies recommend it over the other option. When you choose complete value protection, the liability coverage says that if the mover loses an item or damages it, they have to reimburse you for the current cash value on it. This doesn’t take into account what you paid for it; it’s only focused on what it might cost in its condition right now. Still, it’s usually better than released value protection.

This is the primary liability option and is required for all moving companies in Houston. It’s automatically included with the moving quote and is free. However, it just covers $0.60 per pound of cargo. Therefore, if you have a pound of clothes that get damaged during the move, you only get 60 cents for all of it. That isn’t enough to replace what you lost (in most cases), so you’re out the price of new clothes and don’t get much reimbursement for the load.

Additional Storage Needs – Sometimes, your new home isn’t ready to move into, but you have to be out of the old location. A moving company in Houston can temporarily store the belongings after your move, during it, or beforehand. However, this cost has to be added to the moving estimate it provides. Storage rates can vary based on the mover, so make sure that you ask about this storage charge if you think you might need it. Also, it’s up to you to read the contract thoroughly. Those who don’t need storage shouldn’t agree to include the service within the estimate. That could indicate to the movers that you don’t want your items to go directly to the new house and cause significant confusion for everyone (and extra fees for you).

Moving FAQs

houston moving faq

We know that you’ve got a lot going on right now. You’re thinking about moving and hiring someone to do it all for you. This is a significant strain on you because you have to choose the best moving company in Houston. It’s a big decision, and you can’t take it lightly.

You probably still have questions about what’s best or what to do. We’ve included this helpful list of FAQs because it’s what many other people have asked us in the past. Feel free to read through them. They should answer most of your every day worries. If not, you can always call to get assistance. We’re always here (locally in Houston, TX) to help you make the right choice, and we know it’s impossible without the correct information.

What’s Included When You Hire Full-Service Long Distance Movers?

Are you interested in finding long-distance movers in Houston to handle the move from start to finish? If that’s the case, you want to focus on full service moving company because that’s what they do. Ultimately, ‘full service’ indicates that your moving company can come to your house with the moving truck, load up all of your belongings, drive the truck to your new location, and unload all the items into the new place.

Houston Full-service moving companies generally offer other benefits, too. These can include unpacking, packing, reassembling furniture, and disassembling furniture. You don’t have to use every service available, though. For example, you can box up your items. From there, the full-service moving company does all the rest.

Typically, full-service moves are highly popular with Houston customers who end up moving at the last minute. However, they are also great for those who don’t have the skills or energy to do it themselves. Ultimately, time plays a factor, too. If you don’t want to do it all, it’s best to go with a full-service moving company. Though it often means that you spend more money, it adds tons of convenience. Most customers will tell you that it’s worth paying more to have it all done for you.

How Do You Know If the Moving Company Is Completely Legitimate?

Before you think about hiring a moving company in Houston, you should ensure that the mover has the proper licensure and insurance. Interstate movers are always required to register the business with the Federal government, and they’re in the US DOT system. However, local movers in Houston are just regulated by the state in which they operate. Therefore, you must check the state’s requirements to make sure you’re using a legitimate local mover. This means that you focus on whether or not they’re insured and licensed.

Still, you also want to view online reviews and focus on complaint history. To do that, you can go to the Better Business Bureau’s online website. The BBB helps you find companies that you can trust and is a non-profit organization. It’s important to understand that a moving company doesn’t have to be accredited through the BBB to be legitimate. However, if they are, it means that those movers have met the standards for accreditation from the BBB.

You can also read reviews on the mover’s website. However, most company owners add the perfect ones and leave off the negative evaluations. Still, it’s a good source of information. There are many outside review boards that you can use, too. They often include all types of reviews, so you can get a better idea of what the movers are going to do for you. Don’t use movers with a severely adverse history. It indicates that they don’t use good business practices, have poor customer service, or don’t care about their customers.

How Can You Avoid Scams from a Moving Company?

avoid scam movers

Read the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) news; there have been many more complaints filed against ‘fake’ movers lately. To prevent such a scam from happening to you, it’s essential to ensure that the mover is legitimate. We talked in the last answer about how to find licensed movers in Houston. Also, make sure that you choose a moving company that performs a video survey of the belongings or comes to your home for an in-person inspection before offering you a moving quote. That way, your moving estimate is entirely accurate.

Remember, cheap moving companies might offer great prices, but they’re usually too good to be accurate. Often, you get the move you’ve paid for when hiring moving companies. Therefore, make sure that you’re getting moving quotes from various movers to compare prices thoroughly.

Where Can You Find Legitimate Movers?

Right here! Great Heights Relocation is a licensed, bonded, and insured moving company in Houston. It is easy to find a highly reputable moving company in Houston by submitting your information in the form above. Just fill in your information and submit the move request. For more info about choosing the most legitimate movers, check here.

How Do You Check to Find the USDOT Number for a Moving Company?

It’s a requirement for all long moving companies to have an active USDOT license number and display it on moving estimates. If you want to check the mover’s USDOT number, you can go to the FMCSA website. In the search engine, type in the number and see what you find. You may also enter the mover’s company name into the box. It’s located right under the website tab labeled ‘Search Movers & Complaint History.’ This search can help you see the registered’ mover’s history of complaints.

Generally, you don’t want to see much in this area, but if there is anything listed, you can try to get more information and determine if the customer’s rectified the complaint and how it happened.

us dot number

How Many Moving Quotes Do You Need to Get?

When you start interviewing different professional moving companies in Houston to help you, we suggest that you obtain three to four moving quotes from various Houston movers. This is going to give you a better idea of how much it’s going to cost.

They’re all likely to be slightly different in price. If you’re unsure why there’s a higher/lower amount, ask the company how they came up with that number. It can help you compare prices, but it’s also going to give you an idea of the value you get for paying more.

Remember: It’s not just about the price you pay. Ultimately, if one company has a higher price, you should get more from it. Beware of movers that charge a lot more or less than the competition. They may be price gouging or not offer quality services.

The Cost to Hire a Moving Company

The cost of your out-of-state move is going to depend on the weight or cubic feet of the belongings and where you’re moving to. According to the American Moving & Storage Association, it costs, on average, $4,300 to hire a professional mover for your interstate move, and this is for an average distance of 1,225 miles and 7,400 pounds or 1,057 cubic feet. However, this doesn’t take into account the different moving services offered or required.

In general, local moves are going to be cheaper. If you hire Houston professional movers for intrastate moves, it’s going to cost about $2,300 on average. According to the association, you’re going to get about three to four movers and pay them roughly $150-$200 an hour.

What Times Are the Most Expensive for Your Move?

cheap moving company houston

The peak moving season is often during the summer. Therefore, if you plan a move anywhere from May to September, you are sure to pay higher prices to get professional movers in Houston. We always suggest moving outside of those times.

However, if you must move during the peak season, we suggest that you aim for a mid-week, mid-month move. The demand for movers is often higher on the weekends and at the beginning/end of each month. If you’re moving during winter, you could save some money by having it all done on the weekday instead of the weekend.

Do Moving Companies Offer a Discount?

Yes! You will find that some moving companies in Houston offer sales to military (former and current) members and AAA members. You can check here to see AAA moving discounts or here for various military moving discounts.

What’s the Difference Between Binding Not-to-exceed, Binding, and Non-binding Estimates?

When a mover gives you a non-binding moving estimate, they offer a moving quote primarily based on how much the belongings weigh (estimated). This non-binding quote isn’t set in stone and is sure to change when the total weight is entered.

The binding estimate is the fixed cost estimate. If you agree to this, then you’re going to pay whatever the original quote indicated. From there, you’ve got a binding not-to-exceed estimate. This means that you aren’t charged extra if your shipment’s weight is more than what was initially estimated. Instead, you pay what the original quote said. However, if the items weigh less than what you initially thought, you are only charged for the actual weight. It’s a win-win. You never have to pay the moving company more than the estimate, but you could pay less.

Which Moving Estimate Type Is the Most Popular?

Ultimately, the most popular moving quote is typically the binding not-to-exceed estimate. It can be called the ‘guaranteed not-to-exceed estimate, too. Generally, it’s in your best interest to pick the binding not-to-exceed estimate as it ensures that you aren’t going to pay more than the original quote, even if your belongings weigh much more than the assessment. Plus, if the shipment is less than that amount, you pay what the actual weight was instead of the original quote. When obtaining moving company quotes in Houston, make sure that the moving estimates are explained to know what you’re getting.

What’s Included with a Mover’s Quote?

moving quote houston

If you are moving long-distance, the estimate should include the address and name of the mover. Also included on the quote should be miles traveled, tariff costs, minimum and estimated weight amounts, packing and unpacking service fees, discounts applied, transportation charges, storage charges, insurance surcharges, fuel surcharges, and any other services you wanted.

How Can You Cut Back on the Moving Costs Associated with Hiring Movers Near Me?

When hiring moving companies near me, there is no doubt that you’re going to pay a lot of money. However, you can find ways to reduce your costs by hiring professional movers. The first thing to do is ask about any discounts you may be entitled to. Most moving companies offer discounts to the military and armed forces members. You can also try to cut costs by packing everything in boxes yourself for the move. That way, you’re not hiring professional movers to box everything up that you own.

It’s also possible to lower costs by choosing a move date with lower moving rates. This means you’re going to avoid the peak moving season (summer) and pick a date in winter or late fall because the demand for movers is lowest. Also, you can cut the costs of moving by throwing away unnecessary items. Go through your closet, cabinets, storage places and get rid of things you don’t need anymore. Remember: the heavier the belongings are, the more it will cost to haul them to the new location.

Compare Quotes From Long Distance Moving Companies Houston

With so many moving companies available in Houston, we know how hard it is to make a choice. Fortunately for you, Great Heights 

Relocation is one of the best national moving companies. And use an algorithm to match your moving details with qualified long-distance movers who are reliable. No worries, you’re matched with one of the best long-distance moving companies in Houston. Just submit all of your move details, and you can get a free moving quote from an honest and professional moving company. Happy moving and best of luck!

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