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The moving process in and of itself is overwhelming, but it can be even more so when it comes to long-distance moves. Certain challenges that may not arise during in-state moves are often inherent in long-distance moves, such as the need to downsize to meet budget restrictions, the necessity for storage, the possibility of damaged items, and the search for reliable Houston long-distance movers. At Great Heights Relocation, we strive to make moving near or far as stress-free as possible. Though we cannot eliminate all the stressors that come with an interstate move, such as moving away from friends, family, and all things familiar, we can ensure that your home or business relocation is both smooth and affordable.

In addition to being licensed and insured, our Houston long-distance movers are expertly trained in the packing, transporting, and unpacking of customers’ possessions and ensuring a damage-free move. During this transitional period of your life, for the utmost peace of mind, partner with our long-distance moving company in Houston today.

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State of the art semi-trucks and trailers

Certified Long-Distance Moving Experts in Houston

Great Heights Relocation in Houston, Texas, has a long-standing reputation in the community as a reliable and meticulous movers team. As with any business, we started small and local, helping individuals, families, and businesses relocate from one Houston home or building to another. However, as word spread about our residential and commercial moving services and as we grew our fleet and team of moving experts, we became able to add interstate long-distance moving to our growing list of services.

Our moving company is licensed and insured for your peace of mind. Each of our moving professionals undergoes an extensive background check and screening process before being hired. Upon hire, new movers then go through an in-depth training program that coaches them on everything from customer service best practices to proper protocol for packing to transporting to assembling.

We understand that we are not just moving objects when it comes to moving your home or business. We are moving your memories, your livelihood, and everything that matters most to you. We want you to feel confident in our capabilities, which is why we take it upon ourselves to qualify for membership with leading moving organizations routinely. To date, our long-distance moving company in Houston is part of the following associations and organizations:

  • Southwest Movers Association
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
  • Unpakt
  • American Moving and Storage Association
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Department of Transportation

As community advocates, we also actively participate in the Houston Area Women’s Center, the Houston Food Bank, and the Greater Heights Area Chamber of Commerce.

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Trusted Houston Residential Movers

At Great Heights Relocation, we believe that the simplest part of your long-distance move should be the moving process itself. We designed our comprehensive list of moving services to encompass everything you could need to complete your household move with as little stress or fanfare as possible. While every situation is unique, you can count on our long-distance team to provide you with the following:

  • Moving Consultation: At Great Heights Relocation, we strive to provide the best services nationwide, a goal we’re able to accomplish with help from our Houston certified moving consultants. During the initial consultation, our experts assess your move’s size and scope so they can devise a strategy that will best accomplish your unique goals. We also use the free in-home estimates to give customers a realistic idea of what the move will cost.
  • Scheduling: Our Houston moving company has grown exponentially since our inception, and we now have a fleet that can handle hundreds of moves at any given time. After the consultation, and if you agree to the quoted price, we will schedule you for your anticipated move date. We will keep in contact with you until the big day to make sure nothing has changed and confirm the final details.
  • Disassembly and Packing: Whether you want full-service packing or partial packing, our long-distance movers in Houston are trained to disassemble and pack entire households skillfully. Our team uses only top-of-the-line packaging materials, including boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and specialty boxes, all of which are designed to see items across the country without incident securely. We also offer custom crating for larger and more delicate items and specialty shipping, such as piano shipping, vehicle shipping, and more. If you want to pack your home yourself, we are more than happy to deliver specialty boxes and materials to your home free of extra charge.
  • Loading and Delivery: The way we load your household items is as important as how we pack them. Our Houston movers strategically place items in the truck so that there is little to no potential for them to shift during transportation. They then further secure the items with the appropriate tools before hitting the road. Our drivers are highly trained and possess their CDLs. Like our other workers, we hold them to the highest of standards and put them through rigorous training and education to ensure they are up to date on the road rules and moving best practices. Once your long-distance team arrives, we unpack your belongings with the same care and diligence we packed them. If you so desire, our Houston movers can even reassemble your furniture and other large items.

Once the move is complete and you are satisfied with our services, we only collect payment.

Reliable Houston Commercial Movers

Whether you are a corporate relocation manager, a recruit, or a business owner who moves your entire operations cross country, you can entrust our Houston long-distance movers with your commercial relocation needs. At Great Heights Relocation, we specialize in business relocations and the unique challenges that come with them. We understand that, when it comes to business, time is money. We also understand that you may be working with a stringent budget, one that does not allow much wiggle room for delays, setbacks, or adverse events of any kind. From the free estimate and beyond, we treat your commercial move as if it was our own, and we strive to help you accomplish your relocation goals in the most time and cost-effective way possible.

When you partner with our Houston long-distance movers, you get more than just a moving company. You get an extension of your relocation team. In addition to the services available to residential movers, your business benefits from the following:

  • 24/7 availability and immediate response
  • Dismantling and reassembling of furniture
  • Personalized tagging system and inventory list of each item
  • Moving blankets to protect office furniture and other equipment
  • Specialty packaging for expensive and fragile equipment
  • Protection against facility damage, including coverings for floors, carpet, and Masonite

Our moving company carries general and customized liability insurance to protect your assets and physical property. We are adept at handling small- and large-scale moves and are happy to work separately or with your in-house team to ensure the transition goes as smoothly as possible.

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Employee Relocation and Acquisitions

It is not uncommon for businesses to recruit candidates from across the country or even overseas. While it’s great to diversify talent, it can pose a logistical headache for HR and your business as a whole. Our cross-country movers are adept at helping new hires transition from one location to the next most seamlessly and cost-effectively possible. We are also happy to help with the following:

  • Transitioning existing employees from one location to another
  • Transitioning whole teams from one location to another
  • Finding housing for and relocating temporary or contract employees

Acquisitions prompt their fair share of relocations. If you recently merged your business with another or acquired a new business, you may wish to consolidate your company assets and employees into fewer locations. In addition to helping with the legwork of the move, our Houston certified moving consultants have the knowledge and experience to help you sort out the logistics of your commercial move and execute it in such a way that all goes according to plan.

Packing Supplies Designed for the Long Haul

If you’re like many people about to move, you may be tempted to source boxes and other packing materials from your local grocer, friends who recently moved, family members, or your own basement. While secondhand boxes might cut it for a move two blocks over, a long-distance move calls for heavy-duty boxes. Durable boxes keep your household items, electronics, furniture, and other possessions safe and secure, whatever they may encounter on the road.

Over the years, we have refined our packing supply list to easily identify what you need and acquire it in the most cost-effective way possible. While some moving companies offer a laundry list of box styles and sizes, we’ve narrowed down our options based on what works best for the overwhelming majority of our customers. Below is our go-to supply list:

  • Medium and large boxes
  • Book box
  • Lamp box
  • Wardrobe box
  • Dish pack
  • Mirror/picture box
  • Bubble wrap
  • White paper

Check out our supplies page for more information regarding sizes. If you need supplies that are not on the list, we are more than happy to order them for you. When you hire our Houston long-distance movers to transport your items, we deliver packing supplies directly to your home, free of charge.

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Flexible Storage Solutions

Long-distance moves often come with several hiccups, many of which you cannot avoid regardless of how carefully you plan. One common issue involves housing.

It is not uncommon for our customers to learn only after solidifying their plans that their new housing won’t be available until a few weeks to a month after the anticipated move-in date. It is also not uncommon for individuals who relocate for a job or personal reasons to explore the area before settling down. Whatever your situation, if your move date is scheduled before your move-in date, you may need temporary storage.

Great Heights Relocation is happy to offer all our customers — commercial and residential and local and interstate movers alike — free one-month storage. Our storage-in-transit services are available for all of your belongings for up to 30 days post-move. If you need more time, we are happy to transfer your items to long-term storage. Once your new home is ready, our Houston long-distance movers deliver everything to your door and unpack them on your behalf.

Benefits of Our Storage Services

Customers who go through long-distance moves take advantage of our storage services because of the convenience they offer. While there are hundreds of storage centers nationwide at which you can temporarily stow your belongings, there are several advantages of storing with us:

  • Ease: Unlike self-storage options, our moving & storage services require little to no effort on your part. Our Houston movers load and transport the shipping vaults and, when you’re ready, deliver them to and unload them at your new home or business location — all without you ever having to lift a finger.
  • Cost: Because our storage services are free for the first 30 days, they offer the most budget-friendly long-distance movers option.
  • Efficiency: It makes little sense for you to have to load a moving truck, unload it at a storage locker, load it again when the time is right, and unload it at your new home. Let our Houston long-distance movers do all the back-and-forth for you.
  • Security: Our storage facilities are secure and accessible only by warehouse staff with the appropriate codes and keys.

Storage is a common concern for individuals who move across the country. If it’s a concern for you, ask your moving consultant about our storage solutions.

What is the best packing tip?

Take important items like jewelry and documents with you.

moving packing tip
Don’t ship your Jewelry! Photo by Leah Kelley from Pexels

What is the strangest item you have ever had to move?

An air force flight simulator from Boeing in San Antonio to an air force base in Atlanta.

How do your movers treat special items?

With extra care, is it our own?

When do you consider the best time to move?

A Moving during the winter months since we offer higher discounts.

Do you offer any other moving services?

Yes, we offer white-glove service, freight services, storage services, office moving services.

2021 Top 5 Destinations from Houston, Texas

Denver, CO

The average cost to move: $4,500.00

move from texas to denver
Texas – Denver Moving Cost

Atlanta, GA

The average cost to move: $3,500.00

moving cost Atlanta, GA
Texas – Atlanta Moving Cost | By Thank You

Raleigh, NC

The average cost to move: $3,900.00

raleigh moving cost
Texas – North Carolina Moving Costs | By 4512 Image Hosting

Chicago, IL

The average cost to move: $2,500.00

texas chicago moving costs
Texas – Chicago Moving Costs | By Conal Gallagher

Phoenix-Mesa, AZ

The average cost to move: $4,200.00

Phoenix-Mesa, AZ moving cost
Texas – Arizona Moving Costs | By Ken Lund

*based on an average 2–3-bedroom home (1,500 to 2,000 Sq. Ft.)

Is it worth hiring Houston movers?

That very much depends on the exact number (by Zoom or on-location estimate) of items you plan to move to and the location you are moving to. In many cases, you will discover that hiring a moving company is the same price, if not cheaper, than a DIY move. The main reason is that moving companies consolidate shipments onto semi-trucks, making it cost-effective to move from state to state.

To receive a proper and accurate moving quote for your long-distance move, we highly recommend scheduling an in-person or a virtual walkthrough. With Great Heights Relocation, it is always free of charge, so feel free to call us and schedule one.

Schedule Your Free Estimate

Our team has helped thousands of Houston residents and the surrounding areas move to new neighborhoods, counties, cities, and states. Each move has allowed us to perfect our processes and streamline the moving process — regardless of distance — to be as hassle-free for our customers as possible. Our desire for constant improvement has earned us the reputation of having the best customer service of any long-distance moving company in Houston. To experience the difference of working with our movers, call us at 1 (800) 314-0644 to schedule your free video chat estimate or in-home consultation today.

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churcher msg
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I used the company for the first time and had a great experience. The two employees were on time and did great work at a reasonable price. They worked efficiently while still being careful not to damage any of the property or walls. They were friendly, professional, and helpful. I would highly recommend and would definitely use them again!
Andrew Holmes
Andrew Holmes
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The Great Heights Relocation are amazing. They were all super professional, punctual, friendly, affordable, and deeply committed to helping the community out. I am so happy that this company exists. They are a real gem. I would not use another mover ever again. They are the best.
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Robert Victoria
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I am so glad that Great Heights Relocation came to my rescue when I needed them I am so happy that this particular moving company tried against all odds to ensure that I was given an honorable moving. Those are the kind of services that I feel so great when I talk about. I am so full of praise for them. Way to go, keep it up guys. I would love to recommend your company to everyone.
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Grace Ragin
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I had booked an Great Heights Relocation for my move. They were so nice to make accommodations for me in urgency. I really thought I was going to be stuck having to pay additional rent to the place where I was previously staying for a few more days but they managed everything for me and I love them for that. Highly recommended.
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Moving can be stressful, but working with Great Heights Relocation was a GREAT experience. They are very professional, handled all my items with care and were the most dependable moving company I've ever worked with. They did such a great job, I used them again recently to move a few smaller items. Highly recommend!
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Jeffery Shirley
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Excellent job. Very quick, careful, nice and respectful. The three gentleman that moved us were very polite and worked hard. They took extra care not to damage any of our belongings. This was the second time I've used them and would highly recommend them.
Andrew Cunningham
Andrew Cunningham
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My move from Houston to Manhattan went well. Considering the winter weather, there were no delays with the pickup or delivery of my things. The cost was fair for such a long-distance move. There were no cost over-runs vs. the initial estimate. I highly recommend their services.
Christopher Quinn
Christopher Quinn
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I needed to move from Manhattan to Houston last month to start a new job. I didn’t have a lot of things since I lived in an studio apartment, but they are in left and to me. Great care was taken when the moving team packed and shipped my things. There were no delays in pickup or delivery. The cost was also quite good. Recommend.
Michael Jeppesen
Michael Jeppesen
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The company is highly recommended. The workers are very professional. They make sure that they support you with everything relevant to your move after you booked them. I'd like to thank them for such a wonderful experience and suggest it to anyone out there.

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