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Storage can be a helpful service during residential or commercial moves. Great Heights Relocation offers competitively priced, secure off-site storage located in the Houston area. Find out more about our secure short- and long-term storage options for any household or business.

storage unit for moving
Moving storage unit

Moving and Storage Solutions

Packing a table
Packing a luxury furniture

A move, remodel, staging or other circumstances may necessitate temporarily storing the contents of a residence or business at another location. Whether a homeowner, renter or business owner requires short-term, seasonal or long-term offsite storage, Great Heights Relocation can provide the following convenient and secure services:

  • Storage-in-transit
  • Short-term storage
  • Long-term storage

Storing commercial or personal property calls for the highest security standards. An ideal facility should have 24-hour security camera surveillance indoors and outdoors as well as fire safety and theft prevention systems. Great Heights Relocation offers one month of free storage for long-distance moving with reasonable ongoing rates.

preparing goods for moving
Preparing your goods before loading to the truck and unload at the storage

Finding the Right Storage Solution

best packing and storage for moving
Your goods are safe and sound

Our moving experts can help customers determine whether storage should play a part in the process of moving between residences or business locations. If there is any delay between move-out and move-in dates or other issues involving commercial property permits, temporary storage may be necessary to protect contents.

Storage costs should be factored into moving costs, business expenses or a household budget. All of the following factors determine the overall cost of storage:

  • What you need to store
  • How long you need storage
  • Storage requirements

It is advisable to pack items for transit between locations or storage for any length of time. Items that have been properly packed are more likely to remain in good condition throughout transportation and storage. Delicate contents may require the use of special packing materials such as a dish pack or a lamp, mirror or picture box.

Items that need to be stored for 30 days or longer may require taking special measures to preserve condition. These items should also be taken directly to long-term storage to reduce the amount of handling and transportation, which are the parts of the cargo transport process that pose the greatest risks of damage.


moving storage and trailer
Loading your household goods safely into our trailer

Short-Term to Long-Term Storage

Customers making a long-distance move may qualify for one month of free storage from Great Heights Relocation. If you are making a shorter intrastate move, preserving the condition of personal effects or business property is worth the expense of short-term storage.

Items that remain in storage-in-transit or short-term storage for longer than 30 days are transferred to long-term storage at another offsite location. If you need to store items for more than a month, starting out in long-term storage can minimize handling that could cause damage. Residential and commercial customers can retrieve stored items or arrange for delivery to a new home or business location.

Great Heights Relocation has customer-friendly policies such as one month of free storage for long-distance moving customers. Call us at 1-800-314-0644 or contact us online to set up a free on-site consultation to determine your moving needs and get an accurate estimate for moving and storage.

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