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The Top 10 Places to Live in Texas in 2021

Whether you’ve just relocated because of your job or really like that everything is bigger in Texas, it’s time to learn where the top 10 places to live are in the state. You’re going to learn a lot about each of these cities, giving you more information to make the right choice.


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Median Home Cost: $313,308

Metro Residents: 2,058,351

Average Salary (Annual): $53,810

As Texas’s capital city, it’s no wonder that this is the top spot to live in within the state. It ranks third on Texas’ overall ‘Best Places to Live’ list. Austin has recently emerged as a top tech hub within the United States, but it’s more affordable for major companies that don’t want to be in Silicon Valley and those who are starting new tech companies. The area’s growth rate has somewhat increased the cost of living, making it fall from the top spot on the list of best places to live for the last three years. Still, the residents here spend right over 23 percent of their household income on various living expenses.

Dallas-Fort Worth

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Median Home Cost: $255,033

Metro Residents: 7,255,028

Average Salary (Annual): $52,590

Dallas-Fort Worth has a few more people living there than Houston, and this is also helped by the strong job market, higher salary averages, and the lower cost of living. Since the median cost is higher, homebuyers should expect to pay more than any other Texas city. This area ranks 32 on the best places to live for desirability compared to 150 metro areas. Most people act on the number situation and move to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. This is shown in the population increase to 4.84 percent in recent years.


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Median Home Cost: $224,408

Metro Residents: 6,779,104

Average Salary (Annual): $54,290

Houston is the second-largest metropolitan area in Texas, and it ranks number 27 on the list of best places to live. This is all thanks to the net migration causing rapid growth to the population, a flourishing job market, and a low living cost. Houston’s residents also make more money than people in other areas, as you can see from the average salary. Typically, Houston residents spend about 22.8 percent of their household income on their housing expenses.

San Antonio

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Median Home Cost: $212,992

Metro Residents: 2,426,204

Average Salary (Annual): $46,650

San Antonio was founded in 1718 and is the fourth on the top list of places to live within Texas. People flock here because it’s got a decent job market and a low cost of living. The population of San Antonio grew by 5.34 percent between 2014 and 2018. The unemployment rate was well below the country’s national average, even though the average salary is below the country’s national average.


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Median Home Cost: $153,133

Metro Residents: 438,265

Average Salary (Annual): $43,990

Killeen is the home of the US Army military base at Fort Hood. It’s quite affordable as far as metro areas go. Residents tend to spend 22.75 percent of their household income on their living expenses. Between 2014 and 2018, Killeen about broke even when compared to people moving in and out. However, according to the Census Bureau, the population decreased by about 0.07 percent during the time.

Corpus Christi

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Median Home Cost: $175,845

Metro Residents: 452,295

Average Salary (Annual): $43,960

Corpus Christi is home to a large shipping port in the nation, so, naturally, it’s seen some slight population growth because of net migration. Corpus Christi residents don’t have to commute very far to work, as most people spend 20.2 minutes getting from home to work. Therefore, it has the sixth shortest commute of the 150 most popular metro areas within the US. In fact, it’s only tied with Eugene and Brownsville, Oregon.


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Median Home Cost: $128,215

Metro Residents: 409,693

Average Salary (Annual): $49,150

Beaumont is close to Louisiana, and it’s the 124th spot in the best places to live list. The residents here have a higher annual salary average than Brownsville and McAllen; plus, there’s a lower cost of living. Most people spend 22 percent of their income on rent, mortgage payments, and property taxes. Its population remains fairly the same for the last four years and only saw an increase of 0.14 percent.

El Paso

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Median Home Cost: $146,450

Metro Residents: 841,752

Average Salary (Annual): $39,100

El Paso sits on Texas’s western edge, and it ranks 17 out of 150 populous metro areas within the United States. This is through the Well-Being Index and Gallup National Health, which primarily focuses on hometown, economic stability, and physical health. Despite all that, there is a declining population number because of low annual salary averages. Therefore, it actually sits at 130 on the list of best places to live. The population is the fifth-fastest to decline out of the 150 listings.


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Median Home Cost: $151,280

Metro Residents: 849,389

Average Salary (Annual): $36,700

While McAllen doesn’t sit on the beach, its location is on Texas’s southern border, and it sits very close to Mexico. Therefore, it’s a popular spot for retirees who want to stay in the warmth rather than the cold in winter. However, McAllen does struggle with a declining population and high unemployment rates. Even so, most residents find that it’s slightly more preferable to live here than in Brownsville.


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Median Home Cost: $110,164

Metro Residents: 421,750

Average Salary (Annual): $35,230Brownsville sits at the Texas border’s southernmost tip, touching the Gulf of Mexico. Therefore, many vacationers like to go there to enjoy South Padre Island beaches. However, it’s not the most preferred place to live in, and its population is declining. This is primarily because the average annual salary is much lower than the country’s national average. You’re going to find Brownsville at the 138th spot out of 150 on the list of best places to live within the United States.

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